Staying Healthy and Playing Better the ClubRunnerTM Way!

Walking the Golf Course is Healthy for You! Mark Twain thought golf was a "good walk spoiled." If Mr. Twain had been exposed to golf cars, he would have been even more dismayed. Today, research has proven that walking four miles and swinging a golf club are excellent forms of exercise.

A typical course is more than 6000 yards long, which is equivalent to 3.5 miles. It has been estimated that walking the golf course provides twice the benefit of caloric expenditure as riding a cart. Walking is just plain healthy for you. Research performed by the Directors of Diagnostic Cardiology at the New Hampshire Heart Institute found that golfers who walk show significantly reduction in both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) and increases in HDL cholesterol (the good kind). In addition walking the course can lower your blood pressure, create a stronger immune system, and help reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and some forms of cancer and osteoporosis.

Pull carts can put unnecessary strain on your back, hips, knees, shoulders and heart. Over 18 holes this strain can negatively impact your swing, robbing you of muscle dexterity causing you to lose strokes. ClubRunnerTM also helps you play faster, and the faster you play a round on foot, the better the cardiovascular work out you'll get.

Get the warm Body Advantage
Golf is a game of rhythm and its rhythmical nature and the ability to concentrate are enhanced by walking. It's been estimated that walking can shave 1 to 2 strokes off a riding game, simply because the body works better when it's warm. When your body is warm you make a better swing. And with a ClubRunnerTM you don't have to worry about which club to take with you when you leave the riding cart, you'll always have access to all your clubs.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Golf Course and the Company of your Fellow Golfers
It is impossible to see the beauty of a hole unfold from the cart path. Concrete or asphalt cart paths also ruin the beauty of the course. After all, one of the reasons golf is enjoyable is the ability to get away from the concrete jungle. They can also deflect golf balls creating problems with the Rules of Golf. You don't smell the flowers, you smell the carts. There's no more grating noise than spikes scraping across pavement. With a riding cart the foursome must split into two carts preventing all four from enjoying each others company.