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Q: Why buy your replacement battery from Paradigm?
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Westco U1 31-amp hour batteryWestco U1 31-amp hour battery
This battery is shipped with all Lectronic Kaddy brand carts and is the finest gel battery on the market. $135 INCLUDING SHIPPING.

Optimate 6 Deep Cycle ChargerOptimate 6 Deep Cycle Charger
5-amp charger with a desulfation phase.

Guest 6-amp chargerGuest 6-amp charger
Tech Support Note: The Guest Model 2606 6 amp charger has a fuse located within a yellow capsule near the red alligator clip. If your charger will not go to red then you have probably blown this fuse. You can call Paradigm for a replacement. more>>

Schumacher 5-amp automatic chargerSchumacher 5-amp automatic charger
Tech Support Note: This charger is programmed specifically for a 31 amp hour battery.